Polishing Cream for Synthetic Watch Glasses

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  • Polywatch, and Ideal for removing micro-scratches from plexiglass or plastic watch windows. Apply a large drop of product on cotton, then polish strongly by making circular movements during a few minutes. Finish by wiping with a soft cloth.

    Super practical for the glasses of watches with synthetic composition (old Omega, rolex etc...) or on any other surface in plexiglass or plastic manufacture.

    Anti-scratch cream for acrylic or plastic crystals/glasses.

    Polywatch lightly disolves and uses on the surface of the plastic/acrylic watch glass, it then smoothes the scratch edges and fills in the gaps with dissolved material.



    Apply polywatch to the plastic watch crystal. Polish the scratched areas for 2-3 minutes with pressure, using a cotton ball. Deep scratches should be buffed more than once.

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